Television Credits
Television Credits
Television Credits

KING OF JOBURG season 2.             SERIES REG.                        NETFLIX

KING OF JOBURG season1              RECURRING                         NETFLIX

RAISING DION season 2                   RECURRING                         NETFLIX

AMERICAN SOUL                             RECURRING                         BET network

CHICAGO MED                                 GUEST STAR                        NBC network

TALES                                                GUEST STAR                        BET network

TELL ME A STORY                            CO STAR.                              CBS network

McGYVER                                          CO STAR                               CBS network

OUTSIDER                                         CO STAR                               HBO network

BLUFF CITY LAW                              CO STAR                               NBC network

BLACK LIGHTING                             CO STAR                               CW network

DYNASTY                                          CO STAR                               CW network

GREENLEAF                                      CO STAR                               OWN network

STAR                                                  CO STAR                               FOX network